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mejores trucos de minecraft

In this article, we will compile the best tricks of Minecraft, whether you are a PC or a console player. But before that, let me advise you that these tricks will make things much easier for you, and as a result, you may get bored of the game more quickly.

Minecraft Tricks: How to Activate Them?

We will start with the tricks available on the computer, MAC, or mobile platforms. These tricks must be activated through the in-game Chat. Once you decide to activate these tricks, you won’t be able to unlock achievements in the game.

Remember that to activate the tricks, you have to accept it at the start of the game, before building the world for the first time.

To activate the Chat, press the Enter key on PC, and tapping on the Chat button will activate it in the Pocket Edition.

Keep the following in mind:

  • When creating your game world, Minecraft will ask if you want to enable cheat commands. Select ‘Yes’ to use these commands.
  • Note that if you use cheats in a newly created world, you won’t be able to earn achievements.
  • Cheats may be disabled depending on the server you play on.
  • Due to the numerous modifications made to the game since its release, certain commands may not work on some servers, while you may encounter other new commands.

Commands that can be activated in Minecraft for PC

Some of these codes allow you to change aspects of the game that would otherwise be nearly impossible or require a lot of time to achieve “legally.” Let’s see the basic commands available in Minecraft:

Gameplay Experience

  • Obtain experience: /xp [desired experience] – (This command grants you the desired amount of experience)
  • Keep inventory upon death: /gamerule keepinventory true – (With this command, you won’t lose your items when you die)
  • Teleport to coordinates or player: /teleport [friend’s name] [coordinates] – (You can teleport to your friend or any player using this command, specifying the desired coordinates)
  • Summon a player: /summon [player’s name] [coordinates]

Basic Shortcuts

  • @p: nearest player
  • @r: random player
  • @a: all players
  • @e: all entities
  • @s: the entity executing the command

Game Mode Commands

  • /gamemode 0: switch to Survival mode
  • /gamemode 1: switch to Creative mode
  • /gamemode 2: switch to Adventure mode
  • /gamemode 3: switch to Spectator mode

Commands to Change Difficulty

  • /difficulty peaceful: switch to Peaceful mode
  • /difficulty easy: switch to Easy mode
  • /difficulty normal: switch to Normal mode
  • /difficulty hard: switch to Hard mode

Commands for Time of Day

  • /time set day: set it to day
  • /time set night: set it to night
  • /time set 18000: set it to midnight
  • /time set 12000: set it to dusk
  • /time set 6000: set it to noon
  • /time set 0: set it to sunrise
  • /gamerule doDaylightCycle false: stop the day/night cycle
  • /time query gametime: show the in-game time

Common Minecraft tricks

Enchanting Items

To enchant items, use the following code: /enchant [character name] [enchantment name] [enchantment level]

Obtaining Items

To obtain an item, enter the following command in the chat: /give [character name] [item name] [desired quantity]

Secret Codes for Minecraft PE

To activate Commands or tricks in MCPE, you need to enable the Chat and type the following:

  • To connect to a server: /connect
  • To see connected users: /list
  • To copy and clone objects: /clone
  • To enchant an item: /enchants
  • To change game mode: /gamemode 0 – /gamemode 1 – /gamemode 2 – /gamemode 3 – /gamemode 4
  • To set the weather: /weather rain or thunder or clear

Flying Tricks in Minecraft

Flying and quickly traveling to different locations can be an incredible experience in Minecraft. To fly in Minecraft, you need to activate Creative Mode, as shown earlier. If you don’t want to scroll up, here’s the command: Enter the Chat and type /gamemode 1. Entering this command will enable Creative Mode, allowing you to fly.

To fly, press the jump button twice to start flying across the map. To descend, press the left Shift key on your keyboard.

NOTE: The flying cheat cannot be activated in consoles and Minecraft PE. Currently, it can only be played in Survival mode.

New Mods and Maps for Minecraft

You can enhance your Minecraft experience by installing new Mods on your computer. They allow you to completely change the game and almost turn it into a new one. Minecraft has become so popular precisely because it allows the installation of mods to make each playthrough different from the others.

If you want to discover the best Minecraft mods, keep reading.

minecraft mods

The Best Mods You Can Enjoy

There are countless mods available in Minecraft to enhance

your gameplay, but the best mod will be the one that brings you the most enjoyment. That’s why we recommend visiting the website, a specialized page for mods. Here, you can find tools, mods, unique textures you’ve never seen before, and much more. Explore the website and enjoy a vast collection of free Minecraft mods.

How to Install Mods?

Minecraft mods

To install mods in Minecraft, you need to download the most important component that makes it possible: Forge. Forge ensures that the mods created by users are compatible with each other. Many mod developers rely on this application to activate their mods. Therefore, you need to install this API initially to play any player-edited maps.

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