About us

The project started to share the best tricks and guides that we have learned all this time in the games. If what we like the most is to play we also enjoy writing content for the game because we love to share knowledge. Our goal is that you enjoy Rompeniveles.com as if you were playing the video game.

The idea came from Albert because he couldn’t find reliable pages where he could find updated gaming content that he could read, that’s why and after many experiences in videogames he started this adventure where he has been joined by other members like Marc.

The video games we enjoy the most

Undoubtedly Fortnite, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars are the games that we have spent more time playing but Free Fire has always been a reference as far as mobile is concerned.

We enjoy all kinds of games and we love to try what’s new and what everyone is “viciando” because we are passionate about competitive.

Why help the gaming sector?

We love to help and we do it altruistically, we only monetize with advertising that you will find in the different sections. But our goal is that when you read a section of Rompeniveles.com, you can apply it to your game and win, either in the form of in-game items, new knowledge or let you know what is the current goal of the game.



He is passionate about mobile games, he is almost pro in Brawl Stars and Free Fire. Retired from Clash Royale. His mission, to make e-sports on mobile equal to those on console and computer.


Learn more about Albert

He bought a PC Master race and there is no one to get him out of the computer. He enjoys like the most trying new games. Passionate about gaming in general.