Anime Battle Tycoon Anime Codes – (April 2023)

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The Roblox universe is so vast that it seems infinite. There are thousands of games that have been created of every imaginable type and motif, some more different than others and others more fun.

One of those games is Anime Battle Tycoon. This is a game that combines what all young people love: characters from different anime and fierce battles with a distinctive element: Certain business-oriented features that allow you to generate revenue in a surprising way.

The game itself has a basic concept: you will have to create your own business, earn money and fight a huge amount of enemies to prove that you are the strongest hero in the world.

But what do you want to raise money for? The answer is simple. With the money, you can buy new heroes and improve your skills and strengths. Are you interested? We invite you to try this fun game and, in addition, we give you a hand with some codes that will help you grow even faster. What are you waiting for?

An updated list of Anime Battle Tycoon codes

Now that you know what the game is all about, you might want to get an extra boost to get off to a good start in the game or if you already have some time in the game, you just want to get even better. That’s why we’ve prepared for you a list of Anime Battle Tycoon codes that are active for this date.

Remember that these codes can expire at any time, so we recommend you redeem them as soon as possible. This way, you will have more chances to collect the reward.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the codes must be entered exactly as shown in the list. Otherwise, they may not work, not because they have expired, but because they have not been copied properly. In order not to fail, we recommend that you copy the code and paste it directly into the box. This way you will avoid any errors.

Anime Battle Tycoon active codes

  • blueso: Redeem for a Russo Companion
  • sorryshutdown:  You’ll get 60 gems
  • Likes20k: You’ll get 500 yen
  • sorryshutdown: You’ll get 60 gems
  • blue: You will get a new companion (Russo Companion)
  • Late10k: Get 200 yen
  • DeathGems: You will get 25 Gems
  • Instant5k: You will get a total of 100 yen
  • Release: Get 100 yen

Expired Anime Battle Tycoon codes

  • AlmostDelay: With this code, you could receive 50 gems.

How to redeem codes in Anime Battle Tycoon

Redeeming codes on Anime Battle Tycoon is simple. Just follow the steps below and you can get lots of gems and yen:

  • Log in to Anime Battle Tycoon.
  • Click on the settings button.
  • Enter the code in the box on the right-hand side, where it says “CODES.”
  • Enter one of the codes provided in our list of active codes.
  • Click on the “CLAIM” button and you’re ready to enjoy the reward that code gives you.

What surprise will you be able to find with each code – will it be gems, money, maybe a new partner? Find out by entering all the codes and searching for new codes on the official game server on Discord.

Don’t forget to notify us in case any of the codes in the list has expired. We promise to remove it as soon as possible so that no misunderstanding occurs.

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