How to reinvite your old friends to Free Fire

Have you stopped playing Free Fire with your old friends? It's time to reconnect with them on the battlefield. Restarting an old friendship in the game can be just as exciting as when you first started playing together - let's find out how!
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Steps to re-invite your friends to Free Fire

Here are our recommendations; the more you complete, the more likely it is that your friend will come back to play Free Fire with you.

  • Identify who you want to re-invite: Before sending an invitation, it’s crucial to identify those friends you had good chemistry with in the game or those you enjoyed playing with the most.
  • Access your friends list: Enter Free Fire and head to the friends section. Here you’ll see your list of friends, those who are active, and those you haven’t played with for a while.
  • Review their profiles: Check the last time they logged in and their recent stats. This will give you an idea if they still play regularly or if they’ve taken a break from the game.
  • Send a personalized message: Instead of sending a simple invite, draft a message that conveys your desire to play together again. You can remind them of memorable matches you had or inside jokes you used to share.
  • Use social media: If you don’t get a response on Free Fire, try reaching out via social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp if you have their contacts. Sometimes, a direct message can be more effective.
  • Organize a virtual meetup: If you manage to connect with several friends, you could set up a group video call to reminisce about the good times and plan your return to the game. Nostalgia can be a powerful motivator.
  • Set a game schedule: Coordinate a day and time to play together. Ensure everyone agrees and that the timing is convenient for all.
  • Set up a private room: Once the time is agreed upon, create a private room so only you and your friends can join. This ensures you have an exclusive space to play.
  • Be considerate and patient: Remember, if it’s been a long while, some friends might not be up-to-date with the latest updates or game mechanics. Help them out, offer tips, and don’t forget that the main goal is to have fun together.
  • Stay in touch: After that initial reunion game, it’s essential to maintain contact and continue organizing more gaming sessions. Consistency will strengthen the bond and make it more likely that you’ll continue playing together regularly.

Watch this video to learn how to re-invite your friends

If you want to play again with your Free Fire duo and you want to invite them.

Why should you re-invite your old friend?

Reconnecting with old friends in Free Fire is not just about reliving thrilling past matches and leveraging that near-telepathic coordination you had, but also a golden opportunity to strengthen bonds, laugh at past anecdotes, and grow together both in and out of the game.

Moreover, who can resist those extra rewards the game offers for team play? And beyond the practical benefits, re-inviting those battle buddies is reigniting friendships that go beyond the screen, allowing you not just to be a better player, but also a closer friend. So, make that move and rekindle the magic of the game with your old teammates!

Do you know your friend is coming back?

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