Top 6 Royal Ghost Decks

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The Royal Ghost has the unique feature of becoming invisible until it finds a target to hit, and if this target is eliminated, it will become invisible again. Additionally, it has area damage.

This is an amazing card that becomes invisible and has high damage because it’s area damage. It’s incredible when combined with the Royal Ghost decks that we recommend below.

# 1 – Golem Deck with Royal Ghost

One of the best decks at the moment is the following:
golem con fantasma real

This is a very popular deck for challenges, where you unleash the full potential of your Royal Ghost.

The key to this deck is to use the Goblin Hut to generate powerful attacks with the Golem. To play this deck, you need to be patient, as it is not cheap, and you should focus on reaching double elixir to win the match.

#2 – “Bridge Spam” Deck with Royal Ghost

The Bridge Spam meta is back thanks to the Royal Ghost. This style of play involves constantly putting pressure by launching troops from the bridge.
bridge spam con fantasma real

Simply keep pressuring the opponent. Launch attacks combining the Ice Golem and Royal Ghost/Battle Ram. You can also use them alone without pairing them with the Ice Golem. The Miner will be used to eliminate Elixir Collectors and generate counterattacks. Don’t be afraid to switch lanes and constantly overwhelm your enemy.

You will defend with the Night Witch and the Inferno Dragon (without forgetting the defensive Poisons that save many lives).

#3 – Miner and Skeleton Barrel Decks with Royal Ghost

Electro Wizard and Poison

mago electrico y veneno

Goblin Hut and Bats

choza duendes y murcielagos

Both decks are very popular in challenges and have similar mechanics.

Generate pressure with the Royal Ghost and launch attacks with the Skeleton Barrel and the Miner. A very effective strategy is to use the Skeleton Barrel with the Royal Ghost, as being invisible, the tower will ignore him until the Skeleton Barrel explodes.

#4 – Three Musketeers Deck with Royal Ghost

mazo de trio de mosqueterasOne of the best decks at the moment. It has been seen a lot in the World Top due to its great potential.

There’s a nearly identical deck that has been very present in the Clash Royale arena, simply replacing the Guards and the Royal Ghost with the Goblin Gang and the Battle Ram (still a very viable option).

#5 – Hog Rider and Hunter Deck with Royal Ghost

mazo con montapuercos y cazador con fantasma real

This is a rarely seen deck but with very high potential. It has a high elixir cost for a Hog Rider deck, but if you use it, it will surely surprise you.

The Hunter’s positioning is very important, as the further away he is from his target, the less damage he will do. We will use him mainly to eliminate troops with high health points.

#6 – Graveyard Deck with Royal Ghost

mazo de cementerio con fantasma real

Highly recommended deck for challenges, where the Graveyard is not affected by the opponent’s card levels.

We will use the Ice Wizard in combination with Tornado to defend, as well as the Guards and the Mega Minion. For attacking, we will accompany the Graveyard with the Ice Golem or the Royal Ghost.

You can also find a variety of Clash Royale decks in our section, and we recommend a key tip, which is downloading Clash Royale on your computer. With these two guides, you can make the most of your cards.

Why is a deck with the Royal Ghost interesting?

The Royal Ghost is a standout card in Clash Royale due to its unique invisibility skill, allowing it to approach undetected and deal area damage. Its ability to become invisible again after eliminating a unit and its versatility in combining with other cards make it a valuable option for any deck, offering a balance between power and elixir efficiency.

It is undoubtedly a card that can strengthen your strategy and increase your chances of victory.

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