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November 15, 2021

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We have made a compilation of Good decks for Arena 5 called Spell Valley that we are sure will help you make a good trophy push. You will also have the option to copy the deck directly to your clash royale deck.

Each arena you move up, new cards come into play and especially in Arena 5 they are changing the metagame a lot because the levels are becoming more uneven.

So let’s review the best decks for this arena.


The best deck for pushing trophies in arena 5 No legendary cards

best deck arena 5

This deck consists of:

Attack: Hog Rider + Goblin Barrel

Defensive: Inferno Tower + Spear Goblins + Bats + Valkyrie

Spells: Zap + Arrows

This deck could be said to be the best thanks to the fast rotation of the Hog Rider.

Costing only 3.1 Elixir, it provides a very defensive and offensive presence. The best combination without a doubt is to use only in attack the Hog Rider+ Goblin barrel for a very solid attack.

The enemy will hardly be able to defend himself unless he knows how to play very well.

We recommend that you use the other cards to defend and cycle the Hog Rider and the goblin barrel.

Also, upgrade these cards to the highest level because they will also be highly recommended in the future.

The most positive thing is that this deck does not require legendary cards so you will not need to use it in case you do not have them.

Decks with legendary cards

Miner Wall Breakers deck


Giant + Miner deck


Log Bait deck

log bait deck

Even so, we recommend the Arena 4 decks so that you can also have more decks to choose from.

What should you keep in mind in this arena?

If you want to climb trophies it is best to use a single deck and raise it to the maximum level, so you will know how to play against all kinds of different decks, if you constantly change decks you will not be able to exploit the full potential of each deck.

These decks in this article are the most suitable for you because they use not-so-new cards that allow you to have them at a fairly high level. Use this to your advantage as most of the enemies you face will be trying out new decks and new cards.

New cards arena 5

Here are the cards that can be obtained from Arena 5:

  • Zap
  • Bats
  • Hog Rider
  • Wall Breakers
  • Witch
  • Princess

Other Clash Royale decks you may also be interested in:

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