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In this section, we will be collecting all the information about the new and updated codes for the game Club Penguin Online. Stay alert for updates to this article because we will be posting new codes as they appear.

New and Updated Codes

  • Use the code “PRIDE23” to claim free rewards.
  • Enter “TEAMCOLOURS” to receive backgrounds from the Penguin Cup.
  • SPOOKYDAY22” will grant you Halloween items and 5,000 coins.
  • Redeem “TIMBO” to get a Fifth Year Spanish Hat and 5,000 coins.
  • ONLINESAFETY” provides an Online Safety Sweater.
  • Get a UK Hoodie using the code “FREEHOOD“.

Expired Codes

  • ANNIVERSARY2 – Updated! January 5, 2020. Contains: 2,500 coins and 3 anniversary items.
  • CONGRATSMEGS – Updated! December 16, 2019. Contains: 4,000 coins.
  • BIGRILEY1400 – Updated! December 9, 2019. Contains: 7,000 coins.
  • BIGVALE1400 – Updated! December 9, 2019. Contains: 7,000 coins.
  • SOCIETY2019 – Updated! December 4, 2019. Contains: 2,500 coins and 3 items.
  • TEAMTREES – Updated! October 31, 2019. Contains: 2,500 coins and 4 items.
  • … (and the list continues with the other codes)

What are these Club Penguin Online codes for?

They will allow you to obtain some **special items, such as clothing, coins, curious objects, and more**. Each code will give you different items and they expire quickly, so we recommend that you constantly update our page to get the code at the moment.
You should know that these codes are completely reliable as they are given by the Club Penguin Online team. We simply put them here so you can redeem them.

Where to redeem the Club Penguin codes?

Very easy, access and follow these steps:

  1. https://cponline.pw/play/ Access the game to log in.
  2. Go to the Unlock your online items section.
  3. Once you are in the Treasure Book, an option will appear to insert one of our codes.
  4. Click next and you will receive the gift for that code.

As simple as following these steps to insert the codes and get the maximum benefits.
unlocking items in club penguin

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