How to get a free Legendary card in Clash Royale

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September 27, 2021

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how to get legendary card clash royale

What makes a Legendary card so popular for everyone? Its unique ability, that’s why it’s Legendary and not Common, Rare, or Epic.

Today we will learn all the ways to obtain a free Legendary card in Clash Royale.

How to win a free Legendary card

1. Play and progress on Trophy League

Every time you reach a new league, new legendary cards can be obtained through chests. The firsts two legendary cards you can get for free are Miner and Lava Hound, both obtainable on Arena 4. Besides this, just by reaching a certain number of copies, the game will give you a Free Legendary chest (1950, 4525, and 5900 trophies).

2. By opening chests

As it’s above-mentioned, you can obtain legendaries through opening chests starting at arena 4. All legendaries can be available to unlock with chests at 3600 trophies, this means that once you reach Spooky Town, you can obtain any legendary. Here you have a list of all the chests that can give you a Legendary Card and its corresponding percentage of obtaining it:

  • Silver Chest: 0.122%
  • Golden Chest: 0.611%
  • Lightning Chest: 1.037%
  • Crown chest: 2.009%
  • Giant Chest: 2.115%
  • Classic Challenge 12 win: 3.214%
  • Fortune Chest: 10%
  • Magical Chest: 20.143%
  • Grand Challenge 12 win: 35.357%
  • King’s chest/Legendary King’s chest: 100% at Arena 7
  • Megalightning Chest: 100%
  • Legendary Chest: 100%
    War chest: 1st and 2nd place 100%, 3rd place 50%, 4th and 5th place 33.33%

All these percentages are based on Legendary Arena. If you want to know the percentage if you’re not on this Arena (4000 trophies and above), check out this Card Chance Calculator by PixelCrux.

3. Buying it on the Clash Royale Shop

Once you reach Legendary Arena, the Legendary cards will pop up in your shop. You can buy them for 40.000 gold or 500 gems. As per my experience, I highly don’t recommend buying Legendary cards on the Shop as it’s more profitable to use this gold to upgrade cards and the gems to participate in Challenges or buying the Tournament prizes.

4. Magic Items (Legendary Wild Card and Books)

There are some magic items that give you Legendary cards of your choice: Legendary Wild Card, Legendary Book of Cards, and Book of Books. Legendary Wild Cards can be obtained in Chests, Trophy Road, Pass Royale (free and pay), Special Challenges, and Shop offers. Books of Cards you can get them by Shop offers, and one type of Book of Cards (Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary) always appears on the free side of Pass Royale. Book of Books is obtained on paying the Pass Royale.

And these are the ways to obtain a Free legendary card in Clash Royale. You can always buy gems with real money to get Gems and then buy your Legendary cards, but that’s not free so we won’t speak about it.

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