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snowballer simulator codes

There’s nothing more fun than throwing snowballs and destroying obstacles in the middle of the mountain in the new Snowballer, game from Roblox. To acquire new skills, dress up your characters and earn more money, you can redeem the updated codes offered by the developers of this adventure under 0.

Welcome to the Chilly Valley village where you can play with your friends and earn coins and rewards doing what you love to do most at Christmas, playing with snow.

Updated Snowballer codes

These codes have been released to redeem for fun rewards.

  • UPDATE 2 – 20 gummies
  • STARTER – 1,000 coins.

You must write them as they appear, all in capital letters. You can copy and paste to be sure.

So far, no expired codes have been detected.

How to redeem codes on Snowballer

Doing so is simple and quick. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Snowballer Simulator Roblox on PC or phone
  2. Click on the “Profile” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Copy the code from the list.
  4. Paste it into the text box: “Enter code here”
  5. Press the option“Redeem Reward” to receive the money.

You can get more rewards by following the Twitter account of WhoseTrade, the game’s developer. In turn, by joining the official Plaything Discord server, you can receive news, and updates and chat with other players.


The recent update (March 2022) of the game includes these new features.

  • Revisions to all visualizations of the Chilly Valley map.
  • New missions
  • Corrections.

In this fun snow-covered town, you must form a ball with your hands and throw it. Little by little, you must knock over traffic cones, barrels and presents with the sphere. As you hit them, it will get smaller and smaller. To pass to the next level, you will need a minimum of coins. You can take advantage of the 1,000 coins that one of the codes gives you.

To find more information about this title, check out its social networks. Every time the game gets 10,000 “Likes”, the developers release a new code. So you can help by sharing with your friends.

  • Discord.
  • Twitter. @WhoseTrade

Snowballer was created in June 2020 on the Roblox platform in the simulation genre. It currently has 12.5M + views and 99,817 favorites.

It has become one of the most popular simulation worlds of the holiday season because of snow. However, every year it acquires more views and favorites because you can play with your friends, chat, pass the missions and levels in the village and on the mountain and throw thousands of balls.

Share this game with your friends. It is an adventure full of companionship, rivalry, and adrenaline.

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