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September 2, 2023

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Ciclo de cofres al completo

Our key to improving in Clash Royale lies in the acquisition of chests and opening them. Much better if they are super magical or legendary chests! Right?

In this article, you will learn the order in which you get the chests, with an application or downloaded on your mobile. You will also discover the mission chest cycle. If you are interested, you can know what can be in each chest in this article.

But you should mainly know that the chests we get follow an order and that almost always, it is usually the same.

We will also talk about special chests that have their own chest cycle, different from the common ones.

But… I will teach you a little trick that almost all users use to know the status of their chests. Did you know that there is a website that tells you your status in your chest cycle and also, updated at the moment?


How to know which chests you are going to get in clash royale?

There are actually two websites that Supercell has already approved and accepts as a reliable source to check the status of the next chest we will get.
Personally, I really like the operation of, as it is very easy to use, intuitive, and provides us with true information at the moment.

You can easily find your next chest with stats royale by following the steps:

Chest searcher statsroyale

This website is the best page to know your player statistics, and what we are wanting to see, our chest cycle.
To start using it, you must add your Player tag or your player ID. For this, you simply have to access your main screen of Clash Royale and press the icon in the photo or, if you are in a clan, the main image of it will appear. Once you are in your player’s profile, your name will appear in white and below a code with #.

know your id
These numbers are unique for each player, and by placing this code together, on the Statsroyale page, you can already access all your statistics and how often your chests will come out.

For example, my code is: “#8GPRC9VQ”, with everything included. Withzack’s is: “#89UC8VG”.
Something very interesting that this website provides us, apart from seeing the complete chest cycle, are the statistics that we have archived in our user. You will have all this data available on the web:

  • Your next chests, whether silver or gold. Also, the larger chests are always highlighted such as the Supermagical, legendary, Giant or Magical.
  • Total donations.
  • Maximum trophies.
  • Cards in tournaments and challenges won.
  • The victory statistics you have with the current deck.

With everything that stats royale provides us, you will no longer have the question of: How often do chests touch in Clash Royale? Right?

Download the Clash Royale fam application

Do you want to know which website Withzack uses?
In one of his videos, Youtuber Withzack used to show his subscribers the operation of the chest cycling.

If you are looking for the app to see your chest cycle you just have to download it here. You will see that it is identical to the official website. Now you can search at all times wherever you are, player statistics and which will be your next chest to touch you in Clash Royale. is very similar to Statsroyale, but this time we can have the application on the mobile and we will not have to constantly look at the website.

Do you know how the chest cycle works?

Chest cycle in operation

  • Each chest cycle consists of 180 silver, 52 gold, 4 giants, and 4 magics. In total, you have to collect 240 chests to complete it.
  • The order is not random, it simply follows a predetermined pattern for all players.
  • When you don’t have space for the next chest, don’t worry, the order of the chests can never be skipped and therefore you will get your next predetermined chest.
  • Neither the super magical, epic, and legendary chests follow the same chest cycle as the previous ones, each has a different cycle.

Special chests

Special chest cycle

The super magical, legendary, epic chests are a little harder to get, as their chest cycle is totally different.

  • Players who reach 400 trophies will be able to enter the cycle of special chests.
  • The legendary chest can appear to us when we exceed 2,000 cups. With fewer cups, it will not give us the option to do so.
  • These special chests have a much higher cycle than the previous ones. You will see in Statsroyale how difficult it is to get them.
  • During the special chest cycle, there are a total of 500 chests, in which you will have 6 legendary, 6 epic, and 6 super magical chests.
  • You can not get two legendary chests in a row, or two epics, or two super magic. They are totally different chest cycles.

How to get a mission chest in Clash Royale

Another special chest that we can get by completing missions is the mission chest. To be able to access it, you must first complete the different daily missions that Supercell proposes to you. To access these missions, you simply have to click on the missions tab and complete them one by one.

To sum up…

To know which chest you are going to receive next, the best thing is to access the website and enter your player tag. In this way, you can know the complete cycle of chests that will be distributed to you and you will never miss a super magical chest, legendary or epic one. It also includes special chests such as the mission chest or the supercell challenges and tournament chests.

What do you think about it?

Do you think it’s useful to know this information? What else do you need to know to improve in Clash Royale? Leave your comment below!

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